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Co Rd 12, Belvidere, IL, US

As the corn crop starts to turn brown and fall approaches, the interest in "all things spooky" is on the rise. One of our favorite local haunts is Bloods Point Rd and Blood's point Cemetery in Cherry Valley for years, Stateline area residents have long considered this road as one of the most popular locations for Paranormal energy in all of Illinois. Ghostresearch.org says that while you drive along Bloods Point Rd that most people will notice that the trees begin to look like human beings standing guard. People say that it's almost if the trees are watching your every move as you drive down the road. If you dare to venture out of your vehicle on foot the lookout for the trees! The tree's wooded limbs stretch, in an effort to reach out and grab you. Perhaps the trees are attempting to warn you of things to come if you dare to continue on, but many claim that the heavily wooded area where the trees breathe life are where the ghosts congregate, and if you are quiet, you can watch their every move until they catch site of those that dare to trespass on their sacred grounds. Now I have to admit, a couple of years ago I took a walk along Bloods Point Rd just north of Bloods Point Cemetery and don't recall any of that that happening, but if you let your imagination wander, you never know. Dare to take a night ride on Bloods Point Rd.? Ever notice how everything looks scarier when it's nighttime and images appear in black and white? What's so scary about Blood's Point Cemetery (besides the spooky name)? According to Ghostresearch.org, throughout the years cemetery visitors say that have encountered: • Hellhounds guarding the cemetery • Dogs that come out of nowhere and attack visitors, then instantly disappear • Ghosts and spirits have been seen walking along Blood's Point Rd If you make it to Bloods Point Cemetery, please be respectful of the neighbors and the cemetery grounds, if you don't the spirits will release the Hellhounds on you. Read More: HAUNTED ILLINOIS: Blood's Point Road and Cemetery | https://q985online.com/haunted-illinois-bloods-poin0t-road/?utm_source=tsmclip&utm_medium=referral

If you find the grave of Beulah, send me a photo and gps location. It's said that she was a witch that is somewhere in this cemetery.


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Pink and blue brains are different games. The web site wont let you log 2 tags for the same game. Sorry Rynee keep trying.


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Got there just at dark (2nd time here) can't look for the witch now sorry. Talked my 21 year old daughter into going for a ride tonight. It is nice to spend time with her just driving and talking. Thank you for placing this tag see you at the event in DeKalb.


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