129 - Do not enter!

GC85289 Feed the Zombie Fiesta Event (DeKalb, IL)

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E 13th St, Sterling, IL, US

Do Not Enter For I Am Not There, But Do Come Close If You Dare

Please note that the gaits will auto close at dusk so mind the time that you try to find this one. Again, this is a cemetery so please be respectful of any guests that might be using it for its intended purpose. This cemetery has its own history. You just have to read some of the old gravestones to see. On of the things that makes this cemetery well known is the setting for Terry Brooks and his books. He grew up in Sterling and the waterfront was his back yard. Be quick about snagging this tag as the doors may fly open and a zombie could walk out. Good luck.

ps, look real close in one of the pics and you'll see my gps.


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check_circle 2 years 1 month ago

TFTF Didn't know this wonderful ~ beautiful ~ moseleum was even there. Just making a trip to visit Menards for dog food. This is such a clever hide and makes me very happy to find it. YES I call this a sport because it gets me out of the house and onto discovering wonderful hides such as this. I know people resting here.... Whoooo Hooooo a cemetary AND Zombie Brains all in a days work?? LOVE IT


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