GC8EHN2 Zombie Fiesta pickup (Greenwell Point, Australia)

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Hothersal St, Kiama Downs, NSW, AU

The Zombies have hit the coast. Beware Kiama


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check_circle 2 years 1 month ago

Woo hoo found my first Snag the Tag !! We saw some others published but the wind was so bad on the weekend I didnt want to travel the mountains plus needed the fuel for today to take our darling to Picton to meet the bus for a trip to Sydney on a 2 week camp. While there I happen to notice two more Snags had been published and so I made a decision to head over an hour to Kiama to see if I could score one. Jubilation was high as we overturned the rock at GZ and spied some tastey blue brains. Thrilled. Now to collect a couple of caches and head home to go to work. Thanks for the Tag much appreciated.


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