075 - Presidential Zombie

GC8EMW9 Zombie Fiesta (Spokane, WA)

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W Airport Dr, Spokane, WA, US

location_on N 47 36.709, W 117 31.964

Zombie status ranges all the way from the indigent to the president. You need an eyeball to get in to see the president. Then you need to keep him safe to use his thumbs. Why his thumbs you ask, well that's top secret.

Hint: Guy wire

Photos courtesy of syfy.com


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description 1 year 2 months ago

We knew the chances of this tag still being here were slim to none, but we’re in the area this afternoon and we just had to satisfy our curiosity since there were never any logs at all on this tag. As expected, no tag to be found. Oh well, still fun giving it a try. 🙂


publish 1 year 11 months ago