083 - Blue Belle's Treasure

GC8E9BZ Night of the Caching Dead (Arcadia, OK)

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W Harrison Ave, Guthrie, OK, US

The Blue Belle Saloon has definitely seen better days. If you had arrived here under different conditions, the faded green sign outside might have been interesting for its description of the bartender-turned-silent-film-star Tom Mix, or its analysis of the historic building architecture. Under the current circumstances, however, the only thing that interests you is the last sentence:

"Much of the original interior is still in place."

That's exactly what you're counting on.

You execute a quick perimeter search and identify a small window just off the alley. It is important that you chose your entry point to be as undetectable as possible. Poor fine detail vision is one of the few weaknesses that the undead possess, and those who have managed to survive this long have learned to exploit it as much as possible. You reach into your backpack and take out the solid iron bar that serves as both a weapon and a breaking-and-entering tool, as well as a tattered flannel shirt to muffle the sound of the glass shattering. It isn't perfect, but with a little luck, they won't be able to pinpoint the noise exactly.

Inside the abandoned bar, you get to work rummaging through the drawers and cabinets. Sure enough, the sign was right, and you hit the jackpot. Most of the storage is long since empty, but you manage to score several unopened pints of whiskey, some decent linens, and a set of silver bar tools that should command a small fortune in trade. There are coins in the ancient cash register, but you barely give them a glance. The currency of "before" is less than worthless in a world that now barters in raw survival.

There is a heavy safe sitting under the counter by the register, door ajar, containing only a single scrap of brittle paper. You carefully retrieve the note, which reads:

"Bugging out. It's not safe here anymore. If you're reading this, we left something of great value in the yellow drain outside. Hopefully you will find it useful. We all need to help each other if we're going to survive this."

Hah. You remember feeling that way at the very beginning too, but it did't take long for everyone get educated in the realities of annihilation. Still, if this object is truly valuable, you can't afford to walk away from it.

You unlock the front door of the saloon and push it open quickly, your mind still on the mysterious object. Failing to perform the proper checks is a rookie mistake, and you realize that you're in trouble the minute you hear the metal entry bell strike the glass with an impossibly loud DIIIIINNNNNG. After a few seconds, as the faint resonance of the bell still hangs in the air, you can hear another sound - the inevitable rolling grumble of the undead rousing from their stupor. You spot the yellow drain grate and frantically plunge your hand into the hole, fumbling for anything that feels important until you brush the unmistakable shape of a hide-a-key container. You rip it from the metal, jam it down deep into your pocket, and begin running as fast as your legs will move.

If you're lucky, you'll have enough stamina to reach the interstate before sundown.

You are looking for a hide-a-key container stuck under the yellow drain cover in front of Blue Belle. The container is on the side closest to the horse. Feel free to keep the container!


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J&J Team Yukon

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More later.... Finally back in my safe abode and the sun finally up so I’m not feeling like a Zombie. Lol I would think the best time to hunt Zombies would be in the dark so after I heard of one being spotted I was off to try my hand at capturing one. My partner was giving me updates on the zombie as I was getting closer and telling me to hurry since they can disappear quickly. After arriving at the last known Zombie sighting area I survived the depths of where I had to search. I reached my hand around a corner not knowing if I would be pulled in or would pull out a Zombie. Well I did grab something and it turned out to be a tiny coffin. With just I tiny blue inside I saw the zombie brains so I quickly closed it back up to release it at a some future date. What a great day this is starting out to be.


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