085 - The Sequence

GC8E9BZ Night of the Caching Dead (Arcadia, OK)

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Research Pkwy, Downtown Oklahoma City, Oklahoma City, OK, US

Pulse racing, you stare out the fourth floor window of 865 Research Parkway, into the clear, cold Halloween night. The harsh fluorescent lights of the laboratory create a strange hybrid reflection in the glass - you can see the glowing red sign that reads OU MEDICINE down the street (flickering, sputtering, but somehow hanging onto life), but you can also see your own haggard face superimposed over the city skyline. Word on the street is that the Oklahoma Health Complex is the most secure location left in the state, but even the most sophisticated lockdown possible won't save people once the food and water runs out.

You shift your gaze back to the computer screen. A bright white countdown timer methodically ticks the seconds down - 02:12...02:11..02:10... Only a few minutes left, and then the data will speak for itself.

In the unforgiving months since the dead first started rising from graves all around the city, you and your fellow scientists have abandoned your research grants and focused all of your resources on synthesizing a biological weapon that might slow or even stop this apocalyptic plague from spreading. Teams of research assistants, students, and even building maintenance staff selflessly ventured out into the hot zones, collecting as many tissue samples as possible so that the zombie genome could be sequenced and studied. A lot of good people didn't make it back alive. Every time that countdown timer hits zero, you feel the weight of that sacrifice.


The computer abruptly switches to a database screen, full of gene sequence information. You can see them from across the room - the bold yellow letters at the top of the screen that flash "MATCH". Your hands shake as you fly across the lab and hunch over the computer, manipulating the complex program with expert speed. Holy cow. You've found it! You've finally found it!!! The secret to stopping the zombie plague is contained within these precise combinations of A-T-C-G. The only remaining task is to find a suitable delivery vector, but in this moment, you may just have the salvation of humanity in your hands.

Hurry, there isn't much time left.

You are looking for a dark grey fake rock resting at the base of a tree. Feel free to keep the container!


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check_circle 1 year 11 months ago · Edited 1 year 11 months ago

What’s this? A blue zombie tag in the downtown area? Good thing I had my jet pack and just went up and over the rush hour traffic. Trimmed the jets and landed just beside GZ and quickly ran to the spot. Found this delicious (oops, I mean disgusting) brain and let out a whoop!

I don’t know who all these guys in lab coats are that are wandering around, but they were scribbling furiously on their clipboards as I snuck to the prize. No sooner had I grabbed the brain, but a creature jumps from a nearby car and starts coming at me. Who is this guy? Wait! It’s clearly a zombie...he’s groaning and swaying as he approached. He looks harmless enough, but that’s how all bad endings start off, right? He showed me his brain collection and various other tools of the zombie trade and then I realized he was stalling for backup to arrive. Uh oh! I was clearly in trouble. Next thing I know there’s three of these creatures surrounding me. Uh oh! They were covered in branches and leaves...obviously, the site of their previous attack on some unsuspecting victim. Fortunately, I made a quick getaway and lived to tell the tale...but others beware, I hear these zombies are wandering Arcadia looking for fresh victims.


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