088 - The Source

GC8E9BZ Night of the Caching Dead (Arcadia, OK)

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US-75, Tulsa, OK, US

Theories abound concerning the origin of the plague... "the source." A curse from God. A nuclear reactor accident. The National Enquirer even went so far as to publish an origin story based on the claims of a man living in his mother's basement in the Pacific Northwest who was adamant the "zombies" were a result of the mixture of macaroni & cheese, brains, and … ninjas. We are convinced, however, that the current crisis is the result of a virus, and we hope to develop a vaccine. We have obtained a memo, from a leaked email originating from this point four weeks ago, which contains the earliest use of the word 'zombie' in recent communications from around the globe. We are sending you here with a UN virologist, and you will be accompanied by a team of Navy SEALs.
The item you seek is just inside this room. There will be a large pipe above your head, and the sample you will need to grab is in a hole in the wall near the bottom left of where this pipe enters the west wall, behind some roots and cobwebs. There is a good chance you will encounter 'the walking dead' here. Be cautious. Report back immediately on your findings. Good luck!


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check_circle 2 years 2 months ago · Edited 2 years 2 months ago

After making it into the depths of the cavernous beyond, signs of zombie activity was everywhere. I wasn't sure if they were the remains of a recent meal or just shreds from what could have been a Zombie free for all. Working quickly so as not to disturb the Walkers from their apparent slumber I quickly made my way to the assigned location and within seconds retrieved the package. Luckily this area had enclosures that I could secure after leaving to prevent any unwanted activity following me to my recovery vehicle. Making my way back up the embankment proved to be a challenge and my movement alerted the wrong kind of attention. Luckily I was able to hurry back to my recovery vehicle and head back to headquarters and return the package.


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